Good News Community Centre has achieved the goal of providing sheep and goats for the widows in Ouya Village.  So far over 150 sheep and goats have been given to the widows in Ouya Village.  Sheep and goats are multiplying and lives of widows in this village have been transformed because they sell their sheep / goats to earn money to meet their various needs.  It was our goal was to provide 50 sheep and goats between 2009–2010.  God has multiplied our goal and the widows livestock continues to grow. 

We are also breeding Alpine goats known to give a lot of healthy milk.  Goat milk is known to boost immune system of the body especially those who are HIV/AIDs positive.  Since many of the widows we are ministering to are affected and infected, they need goat’s milk for the improvement of their health.

We have also started harvesting honey from man made bee hives to help generate an income for the widows. The widows help in taking care of the hives and in the harvesting process. After it is harvested honey can be sold to nearby honey processing plants. The widow’s beehives will serve as a pilot project to demonstrate the effectiveness to beekeeping to the community as well as providing for their families.