One family close partner helped Good News Community Centre to start rice and maize farming. This is the second season we are doing this. The goal is to expand both rice and maize farming to produce enough food to feed the needy in the community, especially the widows and vulnerable orphans. Part of the produce is sold and the profits is ploughed back to the farm, So far it’s working very well especially in creating food security during COVID pandemic. This also provides jobs for the youth and women in communities where we have rented the farms for crop production. This is one of the best ways to feed the hungry, because it’s sustainable, more partners are welcomed so that we can increase the capacity of food production to feed more needy people. We enjoy doing this because this is preaching the Good News in simple practical ways. The testimony is that last harvest we got fifty bags of rice and seven bags of maize. This is the first time we did it. We were in school how to grow rice and maize, we had not done it before, two of our pastors are now in charge of the farming project. Many youth who have finished high school come to work in the farm to earn salaries which they use for their college needs. We also reach out to the farm workers with the gospel. Some have managed to come to the church.