We have a thriving ministry to orphans and widows outside of Kisumu in Ouya village, which is 36 miles west of Kisumu. Through many different efforts of income generating projects, sponsorship, discipleship, HIV awareness, sanitation and health we try to restore the dignity to both widows and orphans as they rise from poverty and stand on their own two feet. Here are some of the many projects we have done with them over the years. 

Good News Community Centre has achieved the goal of providing sheep and goats for the widows in Ouya Village.  So far over 150 sheep and goats have been given to the widows in Ouya Village.  Sheep and goats are multiplying and lives of widows in this village have been transformed because they sell their sheep / goats to earn money to meet their various needs.  It was our goal was to provide 50 sheep and goats between 2009–2010.  God has multiplied our goal and the widows livestock continues to grow. 

We have also started harvesting honey from man made bee hives to help generate an income for the widows. The widows help in taking care of the hives and in the harvesting process. After it is harvested honey can be sold to nearby honey processing plants. The widow’s beehives will serve as a pilot project to demonstrate the effectiveness to beekeeping to the community as well as providing for their families. As we say…..”Bees make Honey, Widows make Money” 


The ministry has launched support group for the widows who are HIV positive.  We continue to educate them by conducting HIV/AIDs seminars that creates awareness, decreases stereotypes and talks about food and healthy living. We have introduced food plants that helps boost immune system. We offer the seeds, widows plant the seeds next to their huts. Goat milk is provided to also boost their immune system. Support groups are both in the village and in Good News Fellowship Church in Kisumu. We encourage members to cling to hope in Christ. 

The ministry have been able to give back the dignity to the widows whose huts were almost collapsing.  We have helped to build over 20 tinned roof huts for the widows.  This is a milestone for the ministry of Good News.  Physical lives are being transformed in a simple and swift way.  We would love to see more widows dignified by providing better shelter for the women who do not have shelter. 

With the help of our Partner, GNCC also started Rice farming to ensure our widows will have enough food during this covid-19 crisis we are in.

As much as widows and orphans receive material / physical assistance, we ensure that their spiritual life is also being developed. Widows meet for Bible Study frequently.